Sodus Point, Sodus Center, Alton, South Sodus, Wallington & Joy, New York

Town and Village of Sodus Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Sodus Comprehensive Plan is to guide local officials and community members in making decisions that will affect the future of the Town and Village of Sodus. Future Town and Village actions that will be based on the policies and recommendations in the Plan include revisions to zoning and other local laws and regulations, capital budgeting, and providing services to the community. The Comprehensive Plan addresses the full spectrum of issues facing the Town and Village, and balances competing needs and interests in the community.

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Land Use Overview and FLU Plan
  4. Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  5. Agriculture and Farmland
  6. Housing and Residential Development
  7. Business and Economic Development
  8. Downtown Business District
  9. Transportation and Infrastructure
  10. Community Facilities and Services
  11. Parks and Recreation
  12. Historic Resources
  13. Implementation Strategy

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