General Membership Meeting 1/5/23


Sodus Point, Sodus Center, Alton, South Sodus, Wallington & Joy, New York

Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting

                Thursday, January 5, 2023

In attendance: Patty, Paprocki, Jim Hopkins, Kari Hopkins, Amanda Burman, Sandi Hamilton, Jamie Yarrow, Alexandria Burnett, Christina Kariuk and Michele Kerr

Meeting called to order at 6:06 pm

  1. New board members were welcomed, and Patty was given our heartfelt thanks for all she has been doing for the Chamber. Reliant supplied pizza, wings and breadsticks to the committee.
  2. Citizen of the Year Banquet has been set for Friday, April 14, 2023 at The Heights. Jim Hopkins and Sandi Hamilton will plan.  One $500.00 and three $300.00 will be given out.
  3. February 6th – Ads placed in print, Michele will send press releases to the Times and Lakeshore News
  4. March 20th – Deadline for receiving applications.
  5. C. March 23rd – Board will meet at 6pm at Reliant to review and vote on applications for COY
  6. Jamie will print out scholarship raffle tickets and get to Michele who will request Toni print  copies for us. – One for $3.00 or three for $5.00   Michele will print out the COY dinner tickets.  Tickets will be left at The Country Hardware and Destinations Tours.  Mailings will be sent out to businesses asking them to sell.
  7. Amanda will set up information on social media.
  8. Alex will set up a day when tickets can be sold in the Reliant lobby
  9. baskets and donations needed for raffle. Will request in letter with tickets, however we need volunteers to touch base physically with area businesses. Donations to n=be taken to Michel at Destinations Travel to be displayed in the window
  10. Patty report on her with the email marketing service, Robly. She forwarded 550 email contacts to them to set up in a template, the test did not go well.  Issues are occurring with accounts.  We also need to get our own domain site as we cannot use the yahoo account we currently have.  75-80 members will need to change their emails to receive the information being sent out through this service. It was suggested we ask Alexa to set up  The cost was $175.00 for the year which is half the normal rate.  Patty will continue to work with them and keep us posted.
  11. General Meetings for 2023 were discussed. Looking into the following:

February 2nd -Peake Auto; Jim

arch 2nd, ImprintM Coffee; Sandi

April 14th, COY Dinner/confirmed

May 4th , Country Hardware; Alexandria/confirmed

June 1st, Silver Waters Winery; Christina

July – no meeting

August 3rd,  Picnic at Marshall Park; Alexandria

                  September7th, Apple Farm; Michele/confirmed

October 5th, Maxwell Honeybee; Michele/confirmed

November 2nd, Annual Meeting at Franklin House; Jim

December 7th, Steger Haus Christmas Party; Michele/confirmed

Michele will send out the list once everyone has confirmed.

  1. Kari reported a Harvest Fest meeting will be held on January 23rd at the Sodus Library at 6pm in the ruth Mills Room. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome.  They will be working with the Much Love organization in conjunction with Harvest Fest.
  2. The bylaws are needing an update. Sandi Hamilton has agreed to work on these.  Please contact her if you are willing to assist.
  3. Hard Cover Book sale at the library is coming up.
  4. Alexa Castel our web master was going to investigate payments online for Chamber dues.
  5. The tour de Cure was discussed. Jim will see if Nancy Ross will continue to work as the liaison for this event.
  6. Sodus Career Days. Patty has consented to assist the day of the event.  Jim, Kari, Sandi and Alex will take the lead working with Shelly Hoot and Arkree.
  7. It was suggested that we ask Kate and Chrissy from K and C Worm Farm to be liaisons promoting the Chamber of Commerce when they conduct their small Business interviews in the community.
  8. The following were voted on and passed:
  9. $200.00 to the Santa in the Park program
  10. $300.00 to the Wallington Fire Department Fire Works


Meeting was adjourned 7:35pm


Respectfully submitted,

Michele K Kerr