General Membership Meeting 10/5/23


General Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2023


Meeting Began at 6:10pm Held at Maxwell Honeybee


In Attendance: Jane Hopkins, Jim Hopkins, Bethany Viau, Brent Viau, Patty Paprocki,

Jamie Yarrow, Tom VanKowengerg, Sandi Hamilton, Kari Hopkins, Chris Hopkins, Michele Kerr


Jim read treasurers report and the secretaries report was printed for all to review.  No changes.


Harvest Fest was discussed.  Unsure the number of people in attendance, however it was steady the entire day.  It was reported that all the food vendors sold out.  Volunteer students used the vouchers handed out by the Harvest Fest committee.  The solo musician “Steve” was well like.  Should invite next year.  Talk of having Paulina start earlier as she got the crowd going.  Several of the entertainers and demonstrators had backed out at the last minute.  Thank you notes should be sent out.  A big thank you to Don Lessord who drove the tractor for the wagon rides all day.  Golf carts used came from Back woods.


Career Day in Sodus is being held on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.  Only 11 responses filed out on line however, Jim knows of more that are planning to attend.


Next month the meeting will be held at Ryan Phelps and we will holding elections for officers and board members who are terming off.


Little Redhead Studio has the new web sites up to look at and is currently in a see only mode.  All members will be getting an email with instructions on navigating the format.  Alexis was very gracious and understanding about our changing to a new web host.  The new site is sharper and more user friendly.


Wayne County business breakfast being held on Friday, October 6th.  Sandi and Jim will be attending.


Meeting concluded 6:50 and was handed over to Bethany and Brent Viau.  They took us on a journey of the history of their endeavor and gave everyone  hands-on instruction on how to scape wax off the combs and into a tray.  They then put each tray into a vat where it was spined and the honey released.  They discussed the process of bee hives and the making of queens.   Beth makes not only honey but honey candles and other honey products as well as jams.  All the ingredients are fresh and local.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michele K, Kerr