General Membership Meeting 10/6/22

Vintage Matters

Present: Beth Ares, Lynn Anne Batzold, Ken Buckley, Amanda Burman, Paula Dolan, Sandi Hamilton, Jane & Jim Hopkins, Christina Kariuk, Patty Paprocki, Nancy Ross, Jamie Yarrow

6pm meeting called to order

Ken Buckley of Vintage Matters gave us an overview of Vintage Matters-doing business in Sodus for 5 years. 19 artisans contribute work to this shop and work in the shop as well. Fusion Paint is a product they carry. Things to look forward to: Winter shopping Fling in November, Many classes being offered this fall-check the Facebook page.

  1. Secretary report:  unavailable
  2. Treasurer’s Report:October 6, 2022Wayuga Press (HF ad) $183.75WCBC (table sponsor for Legislative Breakfast): $ 30.00Total expenses for Sept: $1,003.88Savings: $85.00Mural Fund: $1553.69Respectfully submitted, Patty Paprocki, Treasurer
  3. Total in all accts:  $6848.07
  4. Checking:  $5209.38
  5. Bank accts balance:
  6. Dryden Mutual Insurance: $355.13
  7. Wayuga Press (HF ad) $175.00
  8. Revenue: Deposit 9/26/22 $537.75(includes two memberships, reimbursement for HF ads, money collected for meal at Sept mtg)

    Expenses: Pop’s House of Collectables (food for Sept mtg): $260.00

  9. Nominations Chair Report:  Anyone interested in running contact Paula DolanPresident:  still looking for a candidateDirectors (2 positions open):  Beth Ares, Alexandra Burnett, Jim Hopkins, Christina Kariuk, Nelson Kiser
  10. Treasurer (1 position open): Jamie Yarrow
  11. Career Day-Oct 26th at High School.  14 participants thus far.  Some suggestions for potential contacts made and shared with Patty and Jim.  Lunch to be done by Hogans.
  12. Santa in the Park held on Friday after Thanksgiving-Don and Deb LeFever are the contacts. Motion made to donate $200.00 by Patty Paprocki/seconded by Sandi Hamilton. Unanimously carried.
  13. Walington Fire Dept Fireworks Dec 11th at 6pm. Motion made to donate what we donated last year (Patty/treasurer will check on that) by Patty Paprocki and seconded by. Lynn Anne Batzold Some discussion re:  length of show? of value.  It was explained that most shows are 15-20 minutes long. Unanimously carried.
  14. Announcements:

    Moore than a Race Oct 16th-still need volunteers. Rewards Credit card and text notification of potentially fraudulent activity on a credit card coming from Reliant.

    Some info shared about Villages applying for NYS grant moneys for Main St projects.

    NEXT MEETING At Sodus Central Bus Garage-Tour of new Facility-details to follow.

Respectfully Submitted by, Patty Paprocki