General Membership Meeting 11/3/22

In attendance: Patty, Paprocki, Craig Wollesen, Jim Hopkins, Jane Hopkins, Chris Hopkins, Kari Hopkins, Amanda Burman, Nancy Ross, Nelson Kise, Sandi Hamilton, Jeannie Sedore, Sandy Manktelow, Glenn Manktalow, Jamie Yarrow, Paula Dolan, Michele Kerr

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm

1.     Minutes from meeting passed out accepted as is.  Treasurers report submitted with a proposed budget.  It was discussed and Patty was acknowledged for all her work.

2.     Career day was October 26, Sandi Hamilton, Jim Hopkins, Patty Paprocki and Nancy Ross made a visit to the event.  There were 22 business participants, disappointed with Sodus chamber members.  Webster, Savannah area business were represented.  Vendors were very complimentary of the students, students engaged well.  The event quieted down after lunch.  High school students attendance was a little lighter, it was felt due to BOCES students being in classes.   Shelly Hoot tried to match career day with courses. Students were taking.   Thank you notes went out to businesses and some feedback has been received.  Younger kids were a little unsure but there wasn’t any trouble with the event.  Would like more tactile objects with the booths so kids could have more hands on.  Hogans provided lunch.

3.    Donnie LeFever will host Santa in the Park on Black Friday.  December 10th is the parade and fireworks at 6pm on the 11th in Wallington.

3.     Emails,  looking for a email service like constant contact.  We’ve been hacked into many times.
$30.00 -$35.00. year for some of these services.  Gmail is another idea, for storing and sending information.

4.     Wayne County Book update: Problems with the binding.  Sent back to publisher but then the margins were off still waiting for them to be reprinted.  Sandi Hamilton will update when they are ready for purchase.

5.    Paula Dolan gave the slate of names for the yearly election.  Ballots wre handed out to everyone in attendance.  People were encouraged to add write in names if so desired.  Currently we are on need of the following positions to be filled.  President, no one on ballot, treasure; person’s name on the ballot, Jamie Yarrow and two directors; four names on ballot; Nelson Kise, Christina Kariuk, Jim Hopkins and Alexandria Burnett. Jim Hopkins.  Ballots were disbursed and counted by Paula Dolan and Michele Kerr.  The results were as follows:
President –  James Hopkins
Traesurer – Jamie Yarrow
Directors- Christina Kariuk
Alexandria Burnett.
A motion was made by Paula Dolan to accept the results of election and seconded by Kari Hopkins.  It was moved that the 2023 board would be accepted.

6.    Hard Cover Book sale at the library is coming up.

7.    Alexa Castle our web master was going to investigate payments online for Chamber dues.

8.   Nelson Kise gave tour of the Transportation facility.  State wants all electric buses by 2027, these busses are currently going at $400,000.00 each.   Nelson does not know how this will be met looking down the road.

Christmas Party First Thursday of December at the Sodus Center Fire Hall or other venue to be determined. Sandi, Michele and Jim will handle the arrangements.
Meeting was adjourned 7:35pm

Respectfully submitted,
Michele K Kerr