General Membership Meeting 5/4/23

Sodus Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting

May 4, 2023

In Attendance:  Jane Hopkins, Jim Hopkins, Darrell Vasseur, Alexandria Burnett,

Jamie Yarrow, John Avery, Jay Ferry Axman, Christina Kariuk, Beth Ares, Patty Paprocki, Nancy Ross,  Gary Skuse, Kate Pobol Illum, MyLinh Johnson, Scott Johnson, Kari Hopkins, Cjris Hopkins, Chrissie Pobol Illum, Amanda Burnham, Michele Kerr.


Meeting called to order at 6:10pm.  Introduction of members.

Treasure’s Repot read and accepted Savings-$215.02; checking-$6,287.11; DMA-$0.00; Special savings-$1554.28 total revenue $8,056.41    Report accepted.



It was noted that the membership list is currently at 113 business member and 16 civic/retires members.  We currently have members from Webster and Oswego.


  1. COY Dinner

Citizen of the Year dinner netted $1200.00 for the Sodus Scholarship fund.  A thank will be in the Wayne County Times and on our Facebook page going out to all the sponsors.


  1. Harvest Fest – last Saturday in September (9/30)

Chris reported there are currently 27 vendors paid.  The vendor fee is $45.00 for a 10X10 space on Main Street in the village.  $10.00 of the fee will be donated to the Much Love Organization.  Much Love will be holding evening events at 5:00pm following an hour after the Harvest Fest.  They will have food truck, vendors and the band Swagger will be performing.  Check their web site for further information.

  1. Web Site

Jim Hopkins and Jamie Yarrow met online to discuss new web design with Little Redhead.  They are looking into setting up and arranging the following:

1,  Online payment access for business to pay their dues instead of mailing in checks.

  1. More streamlined. E-mail will be changed to be more efficient, instead of single e-blast looking at a collective newsletter.  There will be an unsubscribe/subscribe button for those who wish to act out or join.
  2. Make it easier for business to go into the site to make changes to their information, add picture and make corrections.
  3. new site will give us data on number of hits
  4. Direct links to various categories

There will be more information and discussion before deciding direction of the new web manager.

  1. Wayne County Business Council is requesting a chamber member to attend their meetings. No volunteers.  If you are interested, please contact Jim Hopkins.
  2. Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse – Beth Ares

They are now taking classes back into the schoolhouse.  Teachers have developed curriculum that would have been used in the 1800’s and 1900’s.  Beth gave a thank you to the Covid money received that helped them through the covid pandemic.  Spring cleanup is Friday May 5th.

  1. Events
  2. St. John’s Bazaar – May 7th
  3. Danny’s Ice Cream open for business
  4. Lioness village clean up event – May 14 at 9:00am.  Meet in bowling alley parking lot.
  5. Seedling Sale in front of Country Hardware – May 14th and 15th
  6. Special Olympics at Sodus track and field, K-12 – May 19th

Some village streets will be closed form 6:30am – 9:00am

  1. Reliant Community Credit Union shred event – May 20th from 9:00am – noon
  2. Food Truck rodeo begins Monday June 12th
  3. Cure de Tour –  June 10th

Meeting was hosted by Michelle and Jeff new owners of the Country Hardware.  They are very excited to be running their business in Sodus and have dedicated themselves to ongoing customer service.  Michelle has over 20 years in the hardware business.  Jeff stated they are continuing with their plumbing services and last year they closed over 70 cottages in the area.  New and fun items have been added to their usual assortment of goods.  The Hardware is also promoting the Salt Box beef jerky.  Stop in and visit.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm

Respectfully submitted.

Michele K. Kerr

Michele K. Kerr